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Reviews for "MadnessEchoCollab3 Pt1"

Love It

Every single one of the animations lacked a certain quality of movement,
For instance; say they were going to dodge direct fire, the effort of just moving to the left is pretty bland and direct. Krinkels incorpirates a movement scheme that's more advanced in this nature, by allowing the enemy whom is shooting to respond with "Oh he moved to the left to dodge, i too will spray to the left and follow his movements instead of spraying in the single direction i started." Instead of "Durr durp."
On top of that, kills weren't always handled One-at-a-time. Each kill had a flow from the next, either it be a transition or a double kill or anything else, it still required some sort of build-up.
Some of the artist i will mention for having a very interesting skill or style of doing it, or just made me lul for it's humorous aspects:
Heragij, Ellvis, and GDop26. Their flashes presented were very good.
Some of these looked as if the guys were aimbotting their shots :P just so rugged and slow.

Overall, i feel as if a 3.5 Stars and a 3 rating seems fair because you all spent time animating these and i do not know your prior experience or anything about you all, you all did well as far i can see but it's just nothing compared to the original and it causes it to lack lust.

I hope you can respect my opinion and not PMS about it, good job either way.

Just as good as the original madness!

Waiting for more.

Awesome, all of you are now on my favorites!