Reviews for "MadnessEchoCollab3 Pt1"

madness always win

how did hergij get three shots into a double barrell sawed off shotgun it was odd but is was like any collab you have your bad and your good usually more bad than good but anybody could make inmprovements to any of these videos and its all just one learning another thing about animation bu do your studies on guns alot more often because i see many faults aside from the double barrel shotgun like recoil on most of the machine guns

it's a quite nice collab, but I quickly saw a few mistakes about guns realistic.
1) Heragij made a double barrel to shoot 3 shells instead of the 2 that are in each cannon
2) Treyo shoot the underslugged grenade launcher while the hand is still on the cannon... problem ? hot ? Nah !

To be honest i'm disappointed, then again i wasn't expecting much. I'm not gonna bother whining about creativity or what not, but i'd like to give credit to the one who deserved it, GDop. I've never seen an idea like this and he's by far one of the most talanted i've yet seen. You're one hell of an animator GDop and you hopefully continue to be one. Nice work. +1 for GDop.

ummm just awesome but i just dont know who to folow