Reviews for "Robot Hero"

The game in its current state has plenty of potential but just isn't polished enough as you stated in your comments. When ever you correctly hit a note you should have a sound effect to make it seem like you are having a effect on the game instead of just pushing buttons, I must noticed this on the last stage as that had could of been fun with sound effects. But considering you started this last year, I found it fun.

Wow this was cool.
my favorite part was when it makes the sphere but the hardest part was the second level.
the first one was the easiest one and also the second coolest.
But it's kinda boring though... 3 stars.

lagged waaay too much could barely even play the game

Prid-Outing responds:

Yeah, sorry about that :(

I appreciate someone decided to make a rhythm game which wasn't just poorly-made DDR clone number 10 thousand.

Unfortunately the rhythm is entirely off and you're better off just playing it muted and trying to eyeball it.

Prid-Outing responds:

Thanks for the response! Looking back at it, the gameplay has vast improvement potential, but that's largely due to my inferior skills at the time. However, I'm glad I managed to finish developing the game in time for Robot Day, and at the very least try to implement my idea of a better type of rhythmic game. Thanks for playing it :)