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Reviews for "Robot Hero"

The game in its current state has plenty of potential but just isn't polished enough as you stated in your comments. When ever you correctly hit a note you should have a sound effect to make it seem like you are having a effect on the game instead of just pushing buttons, I must noticed this on the last stage as that had could of been fun with sound effects. But considering you started this last year, I found it fun.

lagged waaay too much could barely even play the game

Prid-Outing responds:

Yeah, sorry about that :(

I appreciate someone decided to make a rhythm game which wasn't just poorly-made DDR clone number 10 thousand.

Unfortunately the rhythm is entirely off and you're better off just playing it muted and trying to eyeball it.

Prid-Outing responds:

Thanks for the response! Looking back at it, the gameplay has vast improvement potential, but that's largely due to my inferior skills at the time. However, I'm glad I managed to finish developing the game in time for Robot Day, and at the very least try to implement my idea of a better type of rhythmic game. Thanks for playing it :)

This looks like it has some good potential. I like the visuals and the music, but it has some flaws.

First of all, it isn't really a game. When I missed 100% of the notes it would just keep on going and at the end of the song say things like "amazing" or "excellent" even though I clearly wasn't. There was no summary of notes hit or anything either, so the experience was really the same regardless of what I did. It's more like a video.

Secondly, if hitting notes did matter, it would be way, way too hard. Tons of notes fly at me rapidly. I'm just not that good, especially when the UI changes constantly and I don't have a chance to get used to it.

I like the concept, but this thing is way too laggy to enjoy. You really should work the bugs out of this, otherwise it's just shovel ware.