Reviews for "Robot Hero"

really fun

the first part was fun but the rest of it was frustrating

I was hoping this would be a platformer game, but it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that it was cool how you had different ways of playing each level. If "level" is even what you would call it. One one level, I could just put all my fingers on the keys at once and couldn't even lose points over it! Of course, that might have cost me my medal. I'm not sure, because it was really hard to get these medals, even when there were so many of them.

I had long forgotten Robot Day. I guess there are always going to be stuff we miss the first time it comes on the portal. I've listened to so much music here, it's fun to hear this stuff. I like how it has a positive beat to it. Not great, but it's worth checking out.

Prid-Outing responds:

Thanks for a great, honest review :)

Great game i like how you put his world in there the only positive thing about sonic 06. If it had more songs it would be 5 stars! Great job

lol i have 7 medals