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Reviews for "Robot Hero"

= DANCE DANCE ROBOT REVOLUTION EXTREME! that takes me back to 2002 - 2004

love the game. the different control types were a nice touch and the choice of music was excellent. looking forward to the update.

The robot reminds me of SoundWave from trasnformers animated with Sari, instead of "Robot Hero" it shoulded be called "Play with SoundWave" :D
But the game its great, its a shame that i could not play it because my computet froze from those Hardcore Beats, but its in Fav, dont worry, after i buy a new one with HD........im gonna rock that robot and chew bubble gum, you better pray i still have bubble gum.......you dont wanna see me without a bubble gum" :D

Fav/voted/rated 5/5.

Prid-Outing responds:

Thanks for the awesome review :D

Just googled Soundwave, and he looks awesome. Too bad my robot doesn't look as awesome as him, and also too bad that I haven't watched Transformers Animated :(

I hope you have a good time playing the game after buying a better computer, but it may have been the lag that caused it to freeze though, I am trying to fix that right now.

987/1043 94%
very great game!

i love it