Reviews for "Robot Hero"

Awesome game play and music, but there are too many buttons for an average normal person to spam accurately.

Prid-Outing responds:

Thanks, and that's definitely true. It was just supposed to be a game where you have fun with no scores, but I've gotten enough feedback to make the game more human play-able, so expect an update soon ;)

very awesome I loved It , great submission for robot day

the first part was fun but the rest of it was frustrating

I loved this game.
I really liked the idea of the game, and the soundtrack is very good.

Jeez, a difficulty setting would be nice XD. Half the time I was just spamming buttons because it was to hard for me :P. The gameplay it self was nice and it played smoothly on my computer without any lag. Sorry that you couldn't get this game in on time but it was really fun and I actually did like doing a review over this game. Like you said some of the song were synced weird and counting the point that i don't have a mouse i had a hard time using the computer's mouse on some of the levels. Audio was nice and I LOVED the main screen, well animated and pretty creative. Nyan cat song was pretty funny since all I did was just click a & s at the same time as fast as I could. I think that you did a good job and adding medals wouldn't be a bad idea at all.

Three out of Five and I hope that you add more stuff to this in the future.