Reviews for "Robot Hero"

This looks like it has some good potential. I like the visuals and the music, but it has some flaws.

First of all, it isn't really a game. When I missed 100% of the notes it would just keep on going and at the end of the song say things like "amazing" or "excellent" even though I clearly wasn't. There was no summary of notes hit or anything either, so the experience was really the same regardless of what I did. It's more like a video.

Secondly, if hitting notes did matter, it would be way, way too hard. Tons of notes fly at me rapidly. I'm just not that good, especially when the UI changes constantly and I don't have a chance to get used to it.

The game in its current state has plenty of potential but just isn't polished enough as you stated in your comments. When ever you correctly hit a note you should have a sound effect to make it seem like you are having a effect on the game instead of just pushing buttons, I must noticed this on the last stage as that had could of been fun with sound effects. But considering you started this last year, I found it fun.

= DANCE DANCE ROBOT REVOLUTION EXTREME! that takes me back to 2002 - 2004

The graphics are just amazing, the notes are well synched and I just love the transitions between body parts. The sounds and music are amazing.

Not bad a little great keep up the great work