Reviews for "Boy Band Tycoon"

Could really use a lot more options... It's somewhat a disappointment because I usually enjoy these simulator/management type games. More gigs, more random results of the gigs... And is it really realistic that they wouldn't be able to find the same place they playerd the night before? Music is weird and annoying, which makes it appropriate, I know, but a toggle would be great! I understand the benefits of most of the stuff in the game I think. But the fact that Happiness and PR don't seem to affect gameplay and I have no idea what voice +1 is supposed to mean since there seems to be no relation to it at all... Hope you keep working on this and improving it because I see a lot of potential in it!

GimmeSumJava responds:

Voice gets you more money from a gig.

It's very difficult, you cant get enough money tomaintain the maintain of the band.

GimmeSumJava responds:

Hmm, sorry. No one else told me that.

Bugs on the buttons ignored me, but the game itself isn't too bad. 500 days to play an entire game seems a bit long as you can get 5 stars of popularity in ~100 already. Give or take 20 days extra and your swimming in the money.


Get 15 songs as fast as possible, then spend your money on autotuners. If you play a gig you get a lot of extra money with them. With 4 autotuners you get 400, with 6 you get 600 etc etc. So just keep buying autotuners till you can buy everything from just a single gig.


Managing boyband: The stars are not yellow anymore after some weird event (maybe showing up drunk or something similar). Also the text indicates as if you are totally unknown, while you could be a 5 star 'top' band.

Shop & PR: Everytime you buy something the 'Money' you have to spent doesn't update (You can't even see the current money when buying PR). So your kinda in the dark untill you get a message "You don't have enough money".

Overal: The PR and happiness do not really affect getting gigs or the money outcome? And the only way to get happy seems to be the pills, which you have to neutralize by doing PR. Seems decent enough but some more options would be nice.

Also I though having negative PR for a 'Badboy' band would be better, but it was not related at all. Having a 'good' or 'bad' boy appearance didn't really matter at all.

So all in all.. it had some nice elements, some originality, some humor.. but overall the bugs, boring music, shortcomings make it half a game. So 2.5 stars

It wouldn't update for any positive PR I recieved, thats the big bug that stopped e playing.

I got fed up at -70 PR

ok... I guess... my band members keep getting drunk and now I gain 5- PR for every time I get 1+ PR so I can't get to the second gig at this point