Reviews for "Boy Band Tycoon"

how about making it so you can kick out the person who keeps showing up drunk to gigs? and idk what they do where you live, but normally you get paid MORE for gigs than what you suggest here, how about making it more realistic in the prices for items( +more items) and payment for gigs more realistic, as well as dance moves and add some instruments, other than that it was pretty good, make more mouse only games and I'll be a faithful follower of your games, % stars I give A) because I don't have to use the stupid keyboard and B) for effort, graphics

GimmeSumJava responds:

Thanks dude!

It could be a lot better. There is a bug which doesn't let you gain any stars in popularity, or it does but only for the first few days and then shits out. I will be on the last thing on the page and not have any stars filled in. I think it would also be better with different things that could happen when you play a gig, like "The place was packed and they loved your band, +bonus money" ,"The place barely had anyone there, so you only got paid half." , "You got the night where you're supposed to go wrong. It's in two days." or even more interesting stuff like "Joey met a fan backstage who has cancer and signed their autograph PR goes up" , "The band got food poisoning on their way to the show" or "Harry was late because his girlfriend wouldn't stop nagging him". There are so many options you could put. Maybe you could have more pages of gigs, and put the time frame for like 100 or 200 days so that it's not as boring to try and complete. Another error is the days will say NaN if you load it.
All in all, I think this game has a lot of potential, but I like the concept you came up with. Keep working at it.

This game had potential, but it just got REALLY BORING after a while. It was always the same two results, and the song system didn't seem to really work. It also seems really unbalanced on how to work things.

It wouldn't update for any positive PR I recieved, thats the big bug that stopped e playing.

I got fed up at -70 PR

It was very buggy, somewhat boring and repetitive, but I think already a lot of people said that, it had some things that were nice, but still it wasn't very enjoyable the game itself. I give you 3 (Three) starts for the effort, keep trying! Maybe in your next game you'll get it right, don't give up!