Reviews for "Boy Band Tycoon"

Nicely done Tycoon game although I do recommend one big thing, You should put in some sort of purchase option for a map or GPS to reduce the amount of times your band cant find the gig and a bonus for learning more songs then required (And if you have a 5 star popularity and go for a lower gig your band should bring publicity to it and that could raise their PR)

Overall great game.

Odd, i have no money at all in the begining, so i can't do anything :((
That's really sad

Its ok. I get really annoyed with it sometimes though. Especially when they can't learn any songs or when perform but they're drunk when they're playing.

I got about:
1.8Million Dollards
100+ Songs
PR 11385

Polularity: 0
So when I'm going to get the medal for the 3 stars?

GimmeSumJava responds:

Yeah, I'm gonna get rid of that medal.

The game is fun, however there is a lot of glitches that need cleaning up, as previously mentioned. I suddenly had 5 stars at one point, I recieved the trophy for bribing the Twitter Mom, without actually being able to afford it, and my points dropped down to -70. Some different stages would be nice too, also the opportunity to handle the drunk band member.