Reviews for "Boy Band Tycoon"

ultimate BORING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a click-grind game. Nothing made the game fun - all I was tasked in doing was just click the gig book over and over again. There was no true interaction. Not a fun or interactive game.

GimmeSumJava responds:

Sorry you didn't enjoy it. I should have tried harder. Thanks for reviewing anyway :).

I think it`s a good game..or more like it COULD be good game...
First of all i think you made this game to practice. There`s nothing bad about it, just want to make clear i know it ;)
The game has a few bugs..besides that you can`t click on the "Anchorman" PR action, the number of "Random" things is way too high..my band gets lost in 1/4 ways to their gig...
Also the game is very unbalanced...in the begining it`s just farming for money to learn songs...(btw who the hell fails at learning a new song 5 times in a row?..) and after you reached the 4th or 5th gig you can actually do shinometg...after getting the 4th Autotune you can just buy 1 more after each gig and start making way too much money.
Also if you do the math, you shouldn`t buy anything higher than the local reporter in the PR Menu (Blog and Local Rep. 25$ per PR Point, everything else: >30$ per Point)
More Balancing and it can become a great game

Awesome Game its too bad my band mate was always getting drunk :(

The game itself is kind of fun, the music can use some more variety, as for the money counter it would be nice for it to actually go down in the shop instead of having to wait for the message saying you need more cash.
Other than that an option to deal with the "drunk band member" would be nice (ex. 'fire' and 'hire' a new one).
The higher I got the more often they failed to find their gig, you'd think that you'd have trouble finding it at first but the longer you do it the easier you'd find it...
Would be nice to have more ways of happiness besides the pills, kinda sad that you have to make them use drugs and then bribe someone to keep their PR up.
Other than that it was quite enjoyable so I give you 3.5 stars.