Reviews for "Boy Band Tycoon"

Kind of nifty game here

OK so i had a fun time with this entry you brought everything forward and with some good feel to it, most the elements you pushed on this was pretty good, and i really enjoyed everything so great start to something really good here, hope you keep that level of quality up. The music was really good on this, Alright this was a tricky game but atleast some of the medals were easy to get wich i liked, Would have been nice to have more options, and even some more medals, but for the most part this was a fun game and entertaining ofcourse, you have alot of good ideas here. Now this being a game and all, there were some nice elements about it, but also there could be some small changes and i will get to that below somewhat, but other then that this was pretty good, keep up your efforts because its well noticed.

And that was a pleasure, i do have some possble ideas, suggestions and some tid bits of advice that could help to improve on a few things here and there so do think about those possibilities, for this and even future stuff. Some more medals and more options would be nice.

terrible. gets boring to easily

Boring after 5 mins

Not fun, but i guess this just proves how far I'll go for this site's friggin medals >: /

I think that a ton of people are missing the joke here. The game is annoying, stupid, just keeps going way after you're done, and serves no real purpose: JUST LIKE A REAL BOY BAND! I honestly don't know if you meant for it or if it was a happy accident, but seriously man, kudos. It captured the true boy band experience.

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