Reviews for "Pikachu on Acid"

I'm so glad I rewatched this xD

I have seen this a million times! Awesome!!!

AMAZINGBALLS! I lost it when I saw scyther for some reason haha and that cameo jynx was awesome.
Great imagery, dialog, and mood. Intro had me laughing. Congrats. This must have taken awhile to make. and by awhile I mean a very long time!

A perfectly funny Pokemon parody that was done the correct way. There's just one thing that was wrong with it. James doesn't own a Muk.

5/5 Stars

No matter HOW old it is, I will always love this creation!!! high5toons must have an amazing mind, coughing-dog is GREAT with drawing such pictures, MeanyProductions Is spot on with the songs at every moment, and SeiyruRenaih added the sounds so smoothly and perfectly! Great job creators, and great job fans for keeping this alive since 2012!