Reviews for "Pikachu on Acid"

Trippy and funny. For some reason I find the rubbery and cuter-looking cartoon versions of Pokemon to be better than the original designs, as well as their underplayed ways of dishing out attacks: Muk just quietly spitting a glob of acid for example. Also 1:24 scared the ever living out of me.

I really like the music :D

Well, someone's never been on acid before. But hey, 5 stars for the animation during the trip. Had a really good depth to it without copying someone like Felix, which is hard to do. I thought the jokes outside of the trip sequence were a bit overdone, such as throwing your Pokemon and it just flopping to the ground, or the attack being built up to be super powerful and then it's just a little poke. Also I'm realizing this is way older than I thought and you've already heard all of this by now. Oops.


should be on greatest of all time list