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Reviews for "Color Man"

Way to easy but it was fun!

thePalindrome responds:

Thanks for the rating, I think that's the best one I've gotten!

Either way, I'm glad you found it easy, that means that I've done a good enough job with difficulty!

The game was easy for me.
But here are some fings that it would make better the game:
1.add a before colour button because i pass the colour and i have to press 10 more times space.
2.make another tipe of enemy,it is always the same easy to kill guy.
3.a little bit longer and a boss(like it change of colour and resist a lot of hits)
If you put all that it will be a star better.

thePalindrome responds:

Wow, Thanks! That really helps!

I'll be sure to add that in, I'm hoping to make the NG version awesome before I move to Kongregate!


thePalindrome responds:

What about it was terrible?

Feel free to PM me and let me know!

game sucks

thePalindrome responds:

In what way does the game suck?

I'm open to reviews, but I'd like it if you told me sucked about it!

lvl 3 was hard as shit this game is a trolol

thePalindrome responds:

Well I'm glad somebody found my game hard, I was hoping for something with a little difficulty!

I'm working on making it better, if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!