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Reviews for "Color Man"

I think this game was awesome! the only bad thing is only 1 metal.

thePalindrome responds:

I plan on adding a few more medals, I just want to make sure it's as awesome as possible!

Ten levels was a bit too long for this game. You also move slow in this game. If you can increase the speed and/or add a double jump, that would be helpful. The medals work, and I earned them all. Will there be a sequel?

thePalindrome responds:

In order:
1. There'll be 15 levels, including a boss, so keep an eye out
2. I might add a powerup for speed so that I don't have to re-make the levels
3. a double-jump would be kind of cool
4. I don't think that Color Man is even worth a sequel, but wait until it is a little more fleshed out, then you can decide

Thanks for the feedback!


Well, the medal didn't work for me.

thePalindrome responds:

Huh, it didn't? It should of...
I'll look into it, if you gave me enough proof that you should have earned it, I'd be happy to make a special case for you (I can check your username)...

Anyway, if there is anything you would like added, I'm still taking suggestions!

thank you beautiful game and smart idea and smart levels , I'm not saying It's the best game but it's not bad thanks for the effort and hope to see more

thePalindrome responds:

Well thanks, I'm in the process of making it better, so if you want to PM me, I've already got quite a bit planned!

Funny pointless

thePalindrome responds:

Well, at least it was funny :)