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Reviews for "Color Man"

whats with that jump delay lol

The most annoying thing about this game is the delay in jumping. It takes a full second for my character to jump which can get a bit frustrating.

As mentioned in the other reviews, it felt too easy.

This Game Is Pretty Awesome thePalindrome :D

bad it was easy i do not know the contrasting color for no color so i keep hiting space bar and beat the game.

thePalindrome responds:

Yeah, you've got a point, but in that case, why not use the scroll wheel?

Sorry, but this was shockingly bad.

The Good:
+The concept was interesting, I'll give you that.

The Bad:
- Graphics are terrible, the "bullets" don't even shoot out of the gun and when you aim left the gun is upside down? lol.
- It was extremely easy. I'm colorblind so I just spammed shift and left mouse key to kill everything. I didn't die once.
- Level design was very poor. It didn't offer a challenge at all and level 6 wasn't even a level!

Thanks for the medal.

Verdict: 1/5, 2/10

thePalindrome responds:

Heh, at least you stuck till the end!

I know there are issues with the graphics, sorry about that!
I couldn't figure out how to make the game difficult while still making it easy to kill stuff!
I'm not a very good level designer, as you can tell.

You are welcome :P