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Reviews for "Running Warrior"

sometimes because the game plays slow in my pc, it fails when i try to run... it would work better with a key just for running

LOL DAINIEL Its Right arrow Key LOL

It's fun the graphics are good, but it seems like there is no point to playing anything but warrior, since he heals stamina when he sees tough enemies and when he kills.

Every other class just feels like they are made to eat up coins.

Add a way to attack in the air because a lot of the time you just get BS damage because you landed right in front of a bat and the delay between air and attacking is too long.

Also fix the run button, no excuse for that, especially as the ranger.
But yea the delay/recoil whatever between landing is inexcusable considering the game is on a track and I would say 60% of my deaths were from the mechanics rather than my jump timing (for instance the jumps where it is a character sized platform with a character sized gap between, even if you spam jump you will end up further on the platform than you should.

Just fix it

Not a bad game, and even though I know these things have been said before:
I would REALLY like to chose character when I start over
Priest skill needs improvement - the angel feather item works so much better and it's not fair due to the lack of damage given to the priest
Some explanation of what the level ups do would also be nice, the only thing I noticed was full stamina and that it drops slower from just walking?
Same obstacles in the exact same order gets repeditive, please randomize.
Some gaps are too long, meaning you have to double-jump up again from the "floor"

And the way I beat the game - by becoming a thief and simply walk through it all with my angel feather, indestructable, seems a little unfair as well..

Good concept, nice art, but it needs a little more work to become perfect

Classic run and jump, with classes (the archer SUCKS NUT btw) and obstacles ranging from bats to skeletons (that's how far I am)... it's difficult, and when you suddenly realize how to change classes, it starts to get a little easier. Nonetheless, add a class-change option in the Upgrade screen please.