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Reviews for "Running Warrior"

Good game, but with a lot of flaws:
The good:
+ Concept: Good, not original but decent execution
+ Graphics: Nice and clean.
+ Difficulty: Challenging! Although sometimes unfair (failing angel feather)

The bad:
- Speed: Should be a bit faster, maybe let you choose a speed (difficulty level)?
- Running: too short and using same key as attack is troublesome. Sometimes it executes two attacks when i want tot run and othertimes it executes run when I want two attacks.
- Shop: Annoying that I have to use mouse for this and it leaves the cursor in the middle of screen. Also when I have three decent items and store has only junk, it forces me to sell one of my items anyway.
- Angel feather: Often drops you in the next pit. Crap!
- Jumping: kinda annoying that you cannot control the height, makes the trees area too frustrating.
- Stepping down: Often won't register.
- Different characters: Would be good if there was more diversity and you actually needed the different classes for different areas, now I just use priest for stamina spell
- Author doesn't respond to comments at all, does he read them?

Brilliant game but there should be check points and you should be able to select players

It moves too slow and that makes the game terrible slow,the art is good.the weapons a horrible and its inposible to hit an enemy whitout gething hit.

way repetitive, and i don't like the mandatory updates, but kind of fun.

good game!!