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Reviews for "Running Warrior"

the range of the sword fails on the first character
just a tiny pixel can make you fall and lose
trying to dash fails because of same attack button
some enemies can't be killed even really close which leads getting the player killed
the wooden spikes shouldn't damage the player if he passes through it, it should only damage the character if they fall on it.
some gaps are too far
character moves too slow which makes the game tedious
overall rating:terrible.

Lots of potential.
1. Allow the player to control the speed of their character(that should get rid of the problem of missing a ledge by an inch)
2. Once a player unlocks a new class they should be able to choose from the classes before they start a new run.
3. If your going to keep the dash please don't make it the attack button as well. Many times I've tried to dash and just attacked and vica versa.
If you fix 2/3 of these problems this game would be a solid 4 stars. Like many others said you have great artistic talent but like all game creators should do, you need to look at your feedback and update the game accordingly(Bioware, EPIC, Bethesda, Blizzard, etc.). Good luck in the future.

The guys below are idiots. The different jobs have DIFFERENT UPGRADES!! Fucking morons. Very addictive game. People with ADD wont last long though.

Really fun and nice art design, but re

I suppose you're a good artist and the music is also kinda good. But the game is very glitchy/dull:

1. When jumping, I need to jump in a very certain time else I fall EVEN if I jumped too close to the next ground piece. That's weird.

2. As someone below me said, the upgrades are really lame. nothing really happens and they have a very short duration.

That's it for now.