Reviews for "Llama in your Face"

fun "lamadeffence" game

A unique game!

Llama spitting at random people, very funny.

I LOVE the game play shooters plus upgrade = a good fucking game. now if only there was an rpg that had more to offer like old rpg 2d on newgrounds something we all could play together kinda like fb games ya know what i mean?? all in all i give this game 5 stars for Llama goodness lol keep up the good work

I thought this game was really cool, probably because of how how much I had. It truly is an original game. I have heard that llamas spit on people, so this was pretty funny to see. Another cool thing about this is how good the graphics were. It was funny to see that silly looking llama boncing around everywhere. Llamas are pretty cool.

It was also really cool how the game was saved. There's rarely a game where it tells you that. I liked the different variety of enemies there were too. Why would people even want to fall into apit with a llama? This was just a really cool setting and execution.