Reviews for "Llama in your Face"

Why I can't get the medals ?

This is funny

Great great game
Thanks a lot

Make it longer ! maybe more waves in the story mode... even more end game upgrades etc :)

This game is fantastic. I love the upgrades, I love the concept, I love the controls. I just wish there was a way to go back and replay levels you've already played in hopes of getting a little extra money. It sucks to keep dying over and over on level 14 when if I could replay 13 and get some extra money, or at least keep the money I made before I died in level 14, so that I could upgrade something AND get the powerups I need to just make it through the level. I enjoy the challenge, but I'm about to play level 14 for about the 10th or 12th time, and being able to replay an easier level for some extra money would be REALLY great. But, y'know, this game is wonderful in every other way. Seriously, though. I'm going to replay this level only 8 more times and if I can't get it by then, I give up and I'm going to sulk a lot.

Absolutely brilliant little game which I was a BIT grudgy against at first, but quickly grew to sit stuck like glue by until I finished it. I especially love the little "attackers", SO much in character and comments like the visitors of Theme Park. Brilliant ending too, with influences of both Mega Man and Gunsmoke in its cinematics. Really, really great - and let it hook you, because it will.