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Reviews for "Seedling"

i think you should add a item that lets you swim in lava

ConnorUllmann responds:

I'm going to guess you haven't beaten the game ;)

Absolute Genius. The game is addicting, the controls are nice, and the overall is superb. keep on making games.

This deserve to be a all time favorite to every that is a member of Newgrounds.

I couldn't help but think the main character is this looked like Aang from the "Avatar: The Last Airbender". What I thought was really cool about this was how it was just like the classic Legend Of Zelda games. I was a huge fan of those on the Game Boy. I also love how there's so much style in everything. It's great to see this wide variety of colors and stuff being used in these sprites. It's truly creative.

Even the music reminds me of the classic Zelda games. It makes me realize how far I was able to get in those games. But besides these comparisons, this is a great game on its own. It mostly works because you have created this great world for the player to explore. I love how everything moves too.

How do you beat Shieldpire? Because I keep dying at it.