Reviews for "Seedling"

dude a favor delete the rock at the entrance of the fire boss so when you defeat him and enter the dungeon the normal way you wouldn't get stuck inside other than that, where is the owl temple? and yes like others has said before great game and a mini map would be awesome if not so you can mark which coffers you had see but you weren't ready to open.

ConnorUllmann responds:

I fixed that just recently; if you go back, it should be all fixed up with a one-way button/key door! As for the minimap, I almost put it in, but I was too late in dev to do it :(

how the heck do i find the owl

This was a great game! The ending annoyed me though, not wanting to post any spoilers here but I got the standard ending then spent another hour searching for the good ending (which was a royal pain in the.. umm, a good challenge), finally got the good seed only to find a 5 second ending that I didn't consider being worth the extra time and effort involved.

Also there is a bug where if you re-enter the lava boss's lair you land on the block that sealed the entry off, and the character spins around on it endlessly. This is fixable by pressing R to restart and pressing N to not restart, placing you next to the block instead of on top of it, but could do with being fixed. Other than that, very well made and nicely balanced.

4.5/5, a longer 'good' ending would have gotten you a perfect score but as I mentioned, spending that extra hour on it found me frustrated that it was so short. Would have been nice to have a sequence with The Watcher and The Oracle afterwards.

ConnorUllmann responds:

I actually was in the midst of reuploading a version with the fixed lava boss dungeon bug when I read this! I'm sorry that the good ending wasn't satisfying enough--both endings were a little short, so I can understand the frustration. Hopefully the game itself was still fun though!

Great game, however I'm currently bugged and cannot progress any further.
I just beat the fire temple and accidentally re-entered and the door that allows you to face the boss for some reason has become blocked off so I'm trapped inside the dungeon without any escape. Anyone know if I can glitch myself out or something?

where the hell do i face the watcher? there are no walkthroughs so i cant beat the game