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Reviews for "Seedling"

EPIC!!!! Zelda style.....

Great game!!!
The final chest was in the first dungeon where you get the shield you need to be able to swim to get it.

So many reviews are saying what a great game this is and I beleive them...but I can't even get out of the village you start in. What gives?!? Theres some rock or something blocking the house you're suppossed to get into, you have no weapon to start with, you have no idea what you're suppossed to do, none of the characters you speek with give you any clues on where to go/what to do to advance the game, where's the fun in that?!?

I tried going in the two staircaes that went underground...didn't get very far since both of said staircaes led to dead ends. Went to the Oracle Tree, all I found out was how to change the soundtrack. I trie everything I could think of to either get out of the village or into the house I'm suppossed to get into and nothing works...kind of hard to play a game when you can't get out of the starting point.

I'm sorry for the 1 star score but at least give us a clue as to where we need to go/what we need to do when we start out so we can at least experence the full effect of the game and not get frustrated walking around the same village for an hour just watching the screen go from day to night.

ConnorUllmann responds:

The staircase to the lower-right of the main screen is the first area you need to go to--I don't know where you got stuck and thought it was a dead end, but this is the first I've heard of getting stuck so early! I hope this video will help you out so you can enjoy the game a bit more (and hopefully improve what you think of the game!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yrJ1yWG4u4&feature=youtu.be

great game but i have some bugs to report unless they are part of the game in wich case you are nuts.
in a chest piece that was next to water i picked it and then fall into the water so it dint make the register of the piece also when i revisited the lava dungeon searching for more pieces there was a boulder blocking my way and there was no other way out so im stuck other than that it was a great game so far but it sucks that i have to start over cuz of that

Playing this game brought me back to the old days, when I got the first Zelda games for the Gameboy. It is an excellent experience, even for those who don't have any nostalgia for the old Zelda games or other similar games. One dungeon stood out from the rest as being incredibly atmospheric and well-done, the one where you encounter the Lights and "Stab in the Dark" plays. Something about the grotesque-looking tiles and the huge voids surrounding the path made that dungeon seem almost nightmarish. It was incredibly enjoyable.

I encountered one minor bug in my playthrough (tiny spoiler up ahead):

When I tried to get to the chest in the lava dungeon at the end of the crumbling ground, I fell into the lava right as I got to the chest. The game got rid of the chest, but didn't register that I had opened it, leaving me permanently down a piece. I tried to go back to get it, but the chest had disappeared, so I couldn't complete the golden puzzle, which was a bit of a bummer.