Reviews for "Seedling"

Very Zelda, much music, swords, wow.

this game...it...its just...... AWESOME!!!! i had a fun time while i was playing it. good job!

I haven't fully beat it yet but what I've played of it i think its pretty good. Kinda reminds me of NES zelda
good job ConnorUllmann I'm beginning to really like your games

Very simple yet addictive gameplay!!!it evolves through different levels with each one its own style and traps.It seems long and once again addictive, as i'm playing for at least 2 hours for now. I'm a bit stuck after third boss(yes!i like slayin bosses!), so i'm gonna leave the game for now but it's very cool, old school yet evolutive, and has a nice soundtrack too. Ultra-nice!

im missing one yellow piece(last one in 2 row) and the health pick up where can i find them