Reviews for "Seedling"

You were so, so close to a perfect game. Seriously, I really loved the game. It was slightly frustrating at times, but this was because of difficulty which is an absolutely fine reason for a game to be frustrating. Apart from that, the story was interesting and the world was surprisingly immersive. It was all going well until the very end.

Who's idea was it to lock Lacste after you finished it. Because of this I was completely unable to collect all pieces of the treasure, even thought from the outset of the game it had been my intention to do so. This means I had to start a new goddamn game to collect every piece, and although I love the game, this is one thing that I cannot be bothered doing.

In the end you've made me want to recommend to players that if they want to complete the game, they should use a walkthrough, and you should be able to see that this is not a good thing. You did so well, but made such an irritating blunder, whether it was purposeful or not. Just please, please do not do it again in the future.

I really enjoyed this game and i like that you gave us an option at the end - if you kill the watcher or not but, i felt that some parts were unclear on where to go to advance the story and it took me a while to find the next part. I had a good laugh when i tried to go to the snowy part too early, and Sardol told me to turn around because I wasn't prepared. After reading what he said, i was confused when he told said "For me, find and destroy all of the creatures. None will escape. Turn around and come back in due time" What does he mean by this?

oh god, this looks SO FUN, like Zelda nad Dragon Quest 6?( with the map pieces was) but my character keeps going to the left or right... is it my tablet keyboard or the game? ;((((

great game it reminds me of the original nes zelda game and if anyone needs help on the shieldsprite boss all you have to do is stand in front of it untill it raises its sword and then attack it (you have to do this 3 times with no differences)

Awesome Game!