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Reviews for "Seedling"

legend of zelda gameplay completely lifted you might as well have just have used the zelda sprites instead of your boring dot "character designs" the music is incredibly irritating and repeative

howdo i gtet to the totem!?!

Great solute to the LA DX,OoA,OoS games. I love this type of game play. I did how ever find a glitch with the part where the Boy obtains the fire in the woods, I think it might happen else where but after I obtained it and was in the Inventory screen I pressed esc to the menu and went back into the game and it was broken to where I was unable to move or do anything else.

ConnorUllmann responds:

I've tried recreating this, but I'm having a really hard time doing it. Did this happen normally with the inventory, or just when the little help text came up? If it's the help text only, I think I can fix it.

XD got the last secret achievement...searching on google for the walktrought helps. Also great game, very zelda ish.. thought it hurt a bit to restart the game so that I could get the last achievement. Ill post it here. If you wish to find it on your own (chances are you wont) look away THIS INSTANT

the key to get the achievement/badge is to go to the frozen cave as soon as you get the sword for the first time (trust me, its possible). Once you enter, someone will block your way (to keep the fun of the easter egg :D..its not to big of an easter egg thought. Anyways, great game, love the moral of the story, and have fun getting the rest of the badges.

Well, good game, just I can't unlock the 3th secret medal, the one that isn't for the 2 ends, or for the follower light and the dark sword :S
Someone that want to tell what I need to do please? :D