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Reviews for "Seedling"

It's pretty nice but i hate the fact that R resets the whole huge game, i thought it would reset only a room but i ended up losing everything, well... time to start again
good game keep it up!

This game is very good. It was a bit hard, but I loved the gameplay. Something (just about evreything) reminds me of legend of zelda. Well now back to playin!

WoW this reminded me alot of the legend of zelda wow amazing game 5/5 10/10 i loved this game the achievements were very easy to get though but hey i didnt make the game. nice music and battles i got stuck on the king of fire and the owl for awhile loved it and make more plz :D

The game looks awesome, and it plays just like zelda. The only complaint I have is that the main character isn't invincible for a couple seconds after he gets hit. That can get annoying.

ConnorUllmann responds:

He is invincible, but it's for a really short time (maybe half a second), so I can understand your frustration. Sorry!

hi, developer, could you please make it so we can also have the choice of using w a s d instead of the arrows? my arrows make the screen scroll, but I think this game is awesome, it's like legend of Zelda, I love the legend of Zelda