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Reviews for "Seedling"

I liked it! It has a good zeldy feel, you know. The art was pleasant and interesting. The music was good, too.

If I may, here's what I didn't like about it (including spoilers) :

- The player is basically forced to kill bosses, even though various NPCs talk about why they love those bosses. Don't tell me I'm doing something immoral while giving me no choice but to do it. Don't scold me for playing the game!
- The Watcher is like, "I tried to stop you by throwing down a meteor." Well, you can talk, so you could've just said something. I've seen you pretty much everywhere. A simple "Stop!" would do. You're probably more to blame than I am.
- I felt like I was becoming more evil, so I checked in with the Oracle periodically, but he didn't really comment on anything. I feel like the ending should have better addressed the Oracle's morality, since the player was doing everything at his direction. We don't even get to see his reaction to the seedling.
- This is more of a silly complaint, but when you get the sword-spear and fire wand, the other two weapon slots in your inventory become empty again... I can't help but want every slot to be filled...

Overall, the gameplay was good, but various aspects of the plot bothered me. It's still worth playing, though.

Spoiler ahead. The gameplay is fun, but the plot of the game is leaves a bad taste in my mouth especially the illusion of moral choice in a strictly linear game. While it's understood that you're not exactly the good guy in the game, it becomes annoying to be condemned especially in several scenarios where the only way forward is through the boss. The ending itself is also an illusion of choice. Whether or not you choose to kill the Watcher or not the fate of your character is the same. You will be tossed aside and the seed will be planted. The only difference in the endings is which part of that do we get to see. However if we choose to ignore the plot the game is fine the way it is.

Link to the past style game with a moral dilemma. It's very well made.

Dis is cool

Came back for the "Mower" medal and then I noticed I never reviewed this masterpiece. There: justice