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Reviews for "Seedling"


my eyes had been blassed
i saw this game at first some years before
i kept giving up
but good job man for making this wonderfull game
this got me into rpg and stuff back then

Way back when I played this game and got the bad ending. It did a good job of making me feel like a monster even though I never really had much of a choice... now I came back to get the good ending.

Very nice. Most of what I was going to say has already been said here -- backtracking and searching can take awhile, but I never got really frustrated with it. The longest it took was when I was looking for the last treasure piece. The story was good and interesting, but it would have been nice to have an *actual* choice in the matter. Like, a non-lethal option for defeating each boss. The game managed to sort of capture the feel of the original Legend of Zelda while being completely linear. Possibly some optional areas that change the story a bit would have been nice. Overall, it was pretty fun, thanks for making it!

That game is amazing. It's kind of a Link To The Past, that's pretty good.

Decent game. It's hard to remember where certain things are sometimes so back-tracking for pieces becomes a pain, but I still got both endings. The only thing that still confuses me is what the third secret medal is. I got the light, enchantments, and both endings, but I don't see anything anywhere about what that third medal is. Nobody's reviews or guides mention it.