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Reviews for "Seedling"

One of the best games I've played that are flash based in a loooong time, 10/10 I would play money for this game.

Great RPG Gameï¼OEbut I didn't find the fifth Boss and the health pickup å±±å£å±±

Wow astounding job on the game,love it;DIf you guys enjoyed the game check out the online gameplay on youtube at LeggoMyEggoGames,to the creator amazing job on the game;D

(Warning: Spoiler ahead ^^ . Also, I'm French, so excuse me if it is not that understandable)

Well, I really liked your game. you put a lot of effort and that visible.
The evolution of the hero was great and so was the over powered stuffs at the end, and I found the idea of the hidden chest very good. I guessed for the watcher and the story almost since the beginning, but you did a very great job to make the story progress. I really liked also, the way you put the player as the bad guy without any explication, that's well done (it made me thought of the french game RPG Off, maybe that's why I saw the following of the game coming)

I was expecting some more original item, though, like time stop or time duplication in the time castle, something that would make him less zelda like but, well...

However, there was some point that disappointed me a little bit, about the story, the gameplay and the ending, and the interaction between all of them.

Some people say that it's a shame you can't choose whether to be good or bad just at the end, but I would find it logical. No, I think what really disturbed me it's that the game focus on morality and there isn't any choice of morality to do.
At the begining, you just do what you have to, and there's no question whether you want to be good or bad. Well, you're bad per default, and that isn't really what I call morality.

But, I think that the ending really disappointed me. I mean you don't really choose to kill the watcher or not, you choose to kill you or not. If you don't kill him, then the Oracle doesn't kill you.
I think it would have been really interesting to have to make the choice while you know that in both way, you will die.

Well, thank you for that game I really enjoyed it, despite all the remark I told you. Good job qnd keep doing ^^

i finally finished the game.
it was fun, but annoying too.
specially the controls.