Reviews for "Seedling"

This is the best game ever!

Amazing game! Neat Soundtrack too. I also feel like there is a moral behind it too for reason...

controls keep going a sec after you release so you move a bit farther than you mean to.

One of the funnest games i have ever played. fantastic game and i will be playing more like this. 5 Stars!

So, the Oracle sends you to retrieve the seed from the Watcher. He says to do whatever it takes, so the Seedlings murders all the Creatures of the Relic, and two choices on how the game ends is made. To either kill the Watcher and get a blood-stained seedling, or collect all the 16 treasures and get a pure seedling. And in the end, either way, your purpose is fulfilled, and you shrivel up and die in either ending. Perfect game.