Reviews for "King Dugan's Dungeon ep.1"

Being an avid player of DROD for years, I am thrilled to see the series in the flash format! Not only does it revisit some classic levelsets, it also enhances them to be more suitable for beginners, while still challenging players.

There's something for everyone here, it's puzzles, action, thinking, devising strategies, and the good news is that you don't have to possess lighting-quick fingers to play this. The game takes as much time as you need, which means you can go grab a cup of coffee while it's running, and nothing will have changed, but you can also move through the rooms at high speed if you wish.

Another aspect I like about DROD is its predictability. All monster and element behavior is set in stone, and an exact sequence of moves will always lead to an exact same reaction from the game. There are no random elements involved at all, which means this is a game of pure skill. Over time you will learn to understand the more complex elements in the game, and you will just *know* what will happen when you make a certain move. This doesn't make anything trivial though, just more fun!

If you like this game, there are stand-alone releases of DROD that you can try, which feature a bigger room size, and a lot more elements. There's also a level editor, allowing players to make levelsets which live up to the quality of the official ones, or even surpass them. There's a very friendly and nice community too!

If you loved stand-alone DROD you'll love this.
If you've never played DROD - it's a Puzzle / Strategy mix - lots of fun.

Amazing puzzler!

Sweet, it's here! Well done Skell, you did a fantastic job on this.

It's a great game since i'm at the beginning i'm stuck and I can't move those rocks so I quit playing. Even though I want to continue playing i'm still stuck and can't get far.