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Reviews for "Mega-Hurtz"

I thought it was good for a mild chuckle, and i noticed the comments below this one. Psy0000, with all due respect, this isn't nor are any of the series on newgrounds, a scripted James Cameron movie. Sometimes, the best videos are pointless. It's like the humor in "I just saw someone walk into a pole" but that doesn't need to be followed up with "Is there some deep reason why he walked into a pole, did it have a grudge against him, maybe it was an evil pole bent on world domination, or perhaps he and the pole have some secret relationship everyday of one being walked into and the other walking into it". No, somethings are just pure fun. Over complicating a short, 45-60 second flash ruins it.

Good job on the animation, and i like your style. Cant wait to see more new ones from you!

Ok, normally I write standard reviews, but I would like to make this one also aimed at @psy0000.
I agree with him on the first point, you didn't tell us why the Robot was angry. Although most will generally accept the cliche "the robot goes evil" it is still a cliche, and it detracts from any form of characterization.

I actually liked the Trololo music. Well, I liked it juxtaposed to the dubstep. Beside each other it created a real difference between the toy and the monster. Showing change. Although, without a reason why the robot was angry it wasn't as powerful as it could have been.

Who cares about weather or not the robot could hear the screams. The screams were to add texture and power to the robot and his destruction. People were being attacked in those buildings, suffering and dying. It showed the viewer that there were real conciseness to the robots actions. I quite liked the screaming.

He is right that we have no reason as to why the robot was mad. But the ending was a little ominous. The only problem was, the robot only had power when it was big, so why should we fear it as a toy. Lighting never strikes the same place twice.

It doesn't matter that the boy was unharmed. This isn't some ultrarealistic movie. This is a cartoon. One doesn't need to follow the laws of physics. A toy robot was turned huge by lighting and attacked a city, and then was struck by lighting again which made it shrink. If someone's problems with that cartoon are that the robot wouldn't be able to hear the screaming and that the boy should have been harmed. That person is an idiot.

It was not bad. If it was supposed to be bad, than you failed at making it bad. I say good job. Maybe next time add some audio (other than SFX and screams) and maybe some character development.

kobbler responds:

Hey, first of all thanks for the review, we are more than happy to hear any and all constructive criticism and feedback.

Regarding the robots motives, we had originally planned to have some extra scenes showing the kid being very rough with the toy and smashing it against walls and such, but sadly time didn't allow us to do this (all of the animation was done in 2 days with very, very little sleep.) This is apparent in most aspects of the film.

Normally all of the editing would be done in after effects and premiere, but because we had to submit a .swf we had to do it all in flash, which I don't like doing one bit, we are looking forward to new video feature going public so we can edit everything properly and export a video file to upload.

Me and Patonion will be starting another animation together very soon, it will be uploaded under his name this time so keep an eye out for it. We wont be working to such a tight time frame so we can include a lot more actual animation and better story and characters.



You established a relationship between the boy and the toy, but you didn't tell us why the toy went berserk, or why lightning struck it twice.

The trololo music was a bad choice.

The screamings in the town. Each building had a different person screaming? At his altitude I doubt any individual scream will have been heard.

The ending wasn't ominous. It didn't make sense. We still don't know why the robo went psycho. Show us, maybe?

Also it didn't make sense that a metal toy which apparently exploded thousands of feet away landed on the boy's head, who in turn was angry, yet unharmed.

I feel like this was intentionally made to be bad.

Pretty cool.

the trololol song is hilarious. god bless the singers heart. (I cant remember his name)