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Reviews for "Mega-Hurtz"

It is a pretty good flash animation in my opinion. Although there's something most people don't get is the stuff that's posted up on NG doesn't just take several seconds (other then spam obvious)... Animations, even the worst of them (EXCLUDING spams >:P ) still takes hours to make and the most epic of NG stuff can take up to a YEAR.

And considering, the graphics here are smooth. There's nothing wrong with that. The sounds are primitive, BUT THAT DOESN'T CHANGE ANYTHING. Primitiveness can make a flash even more entertaining to watch and in fact, in some cases, it's actually a rather ingenious film technique (in this case, 'ingenious' would be a slight exaggeration -__- )

I have no dislike for the music. The first one was a rather overused theme (it's everywhere by everyone XD HA HA! I think I'm funny don't I! >:P) but the idea of using dubstep in the rampaging scene was a nice move. It fits well so well done.

As KAOSKING pointed out, the plot was rather simple:
1. Toy robot transforms to Killer robot
2. Killer Robot rampages
3. Killer Robot goes back to Toy robot
And simple again, does not mean awful (more like 'different' if you want to be pesimistic :P). Being simple can be ingenious in some cases, and in this case, it is.

So bravo!

i thought this was pretty cool. it showed exactly what needed to be seen, with diamond-edged percision, no beating around the bush, which i liked.

the music wasn't too loud, but loud enough to dominate your attention where dialog normaly would be, which i also liked.

the story was not overly-complex, but it was a little too simple, which was problably unavoidable due to the short lengh of the flash, which is alright

and was one of the dolls the child knocked over in the beggining a Cowboy Woody doll?

I think you really let yourself down with this piece.

The script was terrible, the plot was non-existent, the characters looked like a 5 year old drew them, the animation was dogshit and the sound made my ears bleed, you should feel ashamed of yourselves.

Furthermore..... wait...


this is my cartoon...


kobbler responds:


It was interesting.
More interesting, though, was... was that the TROLOLO song? hoho

I often associate dubstep with violent death.