Reviews for "Effing Worms 2"

Let's eat e.e

Addicting Game before I knew it my High Score was 168637325... Am I addicted yet? No. Moar Nyan

i love how with right build you can have the infinite score by just glidyng over surface.
-0.5* for the only flow here. After a while, worms head takes allmost whole screen.

Ohhh.... you can die in a rampage. I was totally misled. I thought the whole point of "rampage" was that it didn't take any damage during it. Otherwise, what's the difference between the normal state of status quo? Eh, I am not inclined to start over the whole game, it wasn't exactly fulfilling.

What I want to know is how these guys got the cash to afford an infinite supply of RX-78 Gundams....