Reviews for "The Movefastinator"

Good, nice transition and god learning curve, still needs to be longer and have some story, good start for an idea.

I really like this game, but I wish it was longer.

It's a fun, different little game. It should have been made a little clearer that you can't go in the same direction twice in a row, and it could have been longer, but what you have is a decent quickly played game.

Um, hello guys? People are complaining about how the keys don't work. The keys work exactly the way they're supposed to. The point of the game is that you can't go in the same direction twice in a row. It would be way too easy if you could.

I guess that should be made clear in the game, though.

Jhomas responds:

Currently adding an icon that indicates this, I hope it clears this up for people :D

I like what I played of it, but I eventually reached a level (the fourth I think?) where the key for the direction I needed to go to complete the level didn't work, so I was forced to stop playing then. Fix that and this game is great!