Reviews for "Emergence"

I wasn't able to finish the game because no WASD controls. That sucks. But I'm listening to the music right now and I really like it. 2 stars for that.

Zanroth responds:

I wonder...
Why do you absolutely NEED WASD controls?
Does your keyboard not have arrow keys?

This is a short, fun game. I enjoyed the story. The medal is tricky to locate, but I found it. the medal does work, and I earned it. Will there be a sequel?

Zanroth responds:

I fully intend to make a follow-up at some point.

The idea is interesting, and this is pretty easy for the medal. However, it's too short and doesn't really contribute anything to be worth more than 2 stars.

Zanroth responds:

Fair enough.
I did spend only the greater part of a single afternoon on this project, but on the other hand, I must admit that this project was mainly meant to push myself to actually submit something, to sort of push myself over the line, and to better get to know stencyl.
I have a number of more ambitious projects upcoming though.

Simplistic, but good nonetheless.

Zanroth responds:

Thank you very much ^_^
It was a simple first experiment, but I'm kind of happy with it none the less :)

A little tricky finding them, but I got the medal. :)
Very clean and simple game.

Zanroth responds:

Great job getting the medal!