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Reviews for "Madness E collab 2"

Quite frankly, every ounce of this was generic. Generic music, some good animations that were ultimately pointless in the long run due to lack of context (this being an issue in all collabs), some seemingly easy things remaining unfixed and unpolished due to the fact that it's "just a collab clip" or "just a test", lack of originality on many fronts just running about doing the same kills over and over. There were also very little custom sprites and when something did deviate it was usually not very well made either. The overall concept of a collab like this hasn't been interesting or original for about three years. It's bland to the point of almost being a parody of itself.

In conclusion:
Concept 0/5 (Unoriginal)
Animation 3/5 (Unpolished)
Art 1/5 (Lack of well-made custom sprites)
Sound 2/5 (OK music fit the mood but extremely generic + Same old sound effects, no complaints)
Overall impression 1/5 (Forgettable)

Final score: 2/5

juanford66 responds:

yes... yes.... yes...

would have loved if no dubstep was involved... keeep animating and "coolaborating"

juanford66 responds:



awsome! this is the best madness most bloody movie ever! awsome job!

juanford66 responds:

is not the best, but thanks

Esta muy genial xD aunque lo que no me gusto es que varios de los clips parecian practicas D: eso es algo que debes evitar mucho en un collab, que los clips que selecciones parezcan de practica, aunque muchos de los participantes lo hicieron bien... pero creo que el mejor clip lo hizo madmanaryf xD adoro su estilo de madness xD es genial... aparte de eso, todos hicieron muy buen trabajo! ;) aunque hay que pulir pequeñas cosas, muy buen collab! :D

juanford66 responds:

gracias, la verdad es que el collab me salio bastante bien, lo unico fueron esos errores en algunos clips.