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Reviews for "Madness E collab 2"

good job was pretty cool

juanford66 responds:

thanks, but why you give me only 1.5 stars, retard .___.

i liked it just i thought a little bit more work couldve been put into it on some of the animators part. but i did like the unique characters in this .

p.s. was that a Dalek saying exterminate....i enjoy Doctor who.

juanford66 responds:


never minds right this is jus reused stuff with almost no originality the troll face stuff was funny aside from that nothin new

juanford66 responds:

if you dont like madness, dont make a review

needs more troll-faces.

juanford66 responds:


well i dont like 2 put down a collab (particularly madness) so i just try 2 love it...
well hir is the review: P.S. dont judge me in my review i dont have much exp. in this...
the custom made chars. are great!
music is good
animation is just lyk pretty pointless because of there is not much dodging of main chars
bullet sprites are not much seen in other works of artist
and pretty much repeated with the steps of killing and something like that (Nevermind was right)

the best part is many kills is achieved and i thank all the artist 4 making such a great collab (4 me its not the content but is about how many kills they get coz u know... the more kills the more fun!)

i almost 4got
3/5 stars