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Reviews for "Madness E collab 2"

Madness indeed, you guys really went to work on this. Well done.

errors :on zaracams part deimos body have hand on it so deimos have 3 hands, on madmanaryfs part when he causes a sword the sword is still in the backround, other than that the animation was good, and u picked up some Average animators ( maybe few exceptions) and overall the collab was pretty "watchable" ... 4 stars is enough i think

Finally! great work! 5/5 keep it up!

Kinda choppy animation, but I liked it
Nice. Smooth animation and bloody
Good work, great animating
DAFUQ is with deimos?!
I found the one where the guys only had head and hands quite funny, and I liked the one where there was a hippo in the background
This is a great collab, and I think this the best one yet :D

Hell yea!

juanford66 responds:

thanks, for the next collab, try do moar parts, k? ;)
thanks for the 5 stars