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Reviews for "Madness E collab 2"

Well I enjoyed this collab but only thing what didnt make me happy is sound bugs.. I dont know why it made bugs.. maybe it is because of my internet.. doesnt matter...About parts.. Really enjoyed NightAts parts ( thanks for the credit with that LOL face :D ), madmanaryfs, liuziruis and Djjaners parts..... i loved heragijs part with my sprites ( thanks for the credit :). And the other was not bad.. I just have some tips for you.
juanford- you are good ... you just need to make something special .. like some combos or tricks or bloody thing or melee weapons fights .... Just try it next and it will be more awesome than it is now.
Randomes -- It is not bad but there is the same problem like juanford. Btw you fallings are too fast.. slow them down and it will be fine..
Zaracam- well it is nice but I expected something more from guy who animate 5 years.
Xaker- nice effects and i like that you helped with that collab.
Alfredonamme- well it is good you are improving fast but still it needs more improvement... it all need some time dont worry..
Well I give you 4,5/5 because I know that you have a lot of problems with that collab

juanford66 responds:

thanks for the review

great job guys I like madness

another award...how lucky, this collab wasnt that good, nothing new or revolucionary, its just same... the only good part was madmanaryf and liuzirui1122, i wonder why good artists dont make more parts, its like a conspiration, you guys need to do what people want to see, so thats why i stop joining/hosting collabs

juanford66 responds:

is a good, collab, but yes you have right, the best animators only have made 1 clip (except zaracam, because one of his clips was fucked up) thanks for the review

a lil choppy but fine i guess

i like madness and i still didnt watch the video and im syaying this awsome keep it going and i hope you good luck 5/5 and i give you some respect

juanford66 responds: