Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"


A; -E; O .

Why? I have no idea. I suck at math and my brains wok gramatically, so I proposed affirmatives that could make me reach the awnser. Here's how I did it.

G = The sky is blue
IF M = I know that THEREFORE G = The sky is blue AND A = I can see
THEREFORE A = I can see

IF M = I know that AND A = I can see THEN NOT E = I am blind (or: I am not blind)
THEREFORE NOT E = I am blind

IF O = All that I stated is logical AND V = Correct THEN NOT E = I am blind OR R = Stupid
THEREFORE O = All that I stated is correct

That's it, though the logic gets a bit limp at the end, I did it.

tjubert responds:

Thanks for the rating, but would you mind not putting the final puzzle solution un-obscured at the top of the comments? Thanks!

Wow amazing that was. It was so refreshing to play this, I wish more games had this kind of respect for their players intelligence. On the last puzzle I actually had to bring out my paper and pen to be able to solve it. That does not happen often these days and is a true testament of a great game! :D

Nice, impressive game! I would not have expected someone to make elementary symbologic logic into an entertaining format, but this was expertly constructed. I admit myself confused by the choice of symbols on the last scene, but nonetheless it was an enjoyable forage into logical puzzles.
Much better than the average room escape game, that's for sure!

this game was amazing. it really made me think and use everything ive learned in my psychology classes. keep up the good work.

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaw

greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaat game maaaaaaaaannnnnssssss