Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"

first impression: concept: awesome.

second impression (at 6/10): very clever. so far you haven't gone beyond implications, biconditionals (iff) and conjunctions/disjunctions. going much beyond that would be pretty far beyond the capability of your average gamer and i assume you want people to at least try to finish this and in a reasonable % of cases, succeed, so that was wise on your part.

third impression (at 9/10): still fun. i wasn't sure what a red herring was, but i still completed the puzzle. i think maybe you should have defined what a red herring was. it was obvious to me from the context, but it may not be to some others and that may stop them from completing the game.

fourth impression (at 10/10): i've never seen the underscores under the and/or symbols before. it wasn't necessary. was it just to make things look more complicated than they really were? 10/10 was one of the easiest puzzles in the game.

final impression: wasn't too pleased with the ending.

was still fun and a definite 5/5

tjubert responds:

Yeah, a lot of people don't like the ending. I like some of the thematic stuff - the mechnical puzzle at the end, the integration (or lack thereof) between emotion and reason, and the character's ambivalence to death. But it could have been better, I'm sure.

1. ASSUMPTION: Educational games are usually the product of a teacher creating a new teaching method AND/OR an assigned student project
2. IF this game taught me something THEN it is educational
3. FACT: This game taught me the basics of propositional calculus
4. THEREFORE the creator of this game is likely a teacher or student of propositional calculus

tjubert responds:

Good deduction - I'm studying a philosophy Masters degree.

I enjoyed this game too much to be studying the humanities. (CALCULUS TAKE ME BACK MY LOVE.)

Fun, smart, not-tear-your-hair-out-difficult.. Why aren't there more games like this?

Loved it!! More games like this that get you thinking, would like to see more with a longer storyline, the ending was a little predictable, but this is the best game I have played in a couple of years, 5 stars =)

This was... interesting. Certainly very mind bending. I also like the ambiguous twist at the end. Will there be a sequel? I certainly hope so.