Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"

I really enjoyed this game a lot. However, I must admit I was not the most fond of the ending. One of the best parts of this game for me was that the puzzles felt natural and engaging. They were neither so difficult as to be subject to trial and error, nor were they so easy that at any point I became bored.

A personal note- last year I took a critical thinking course at a local community college. Throughout this game I was constantly reminded of it, and I was glad to see critical thinking mentioned in the after-game splash screens.

tjubert responds:

Thanks everyone for all your compliments and feedback. I'd love to get a proper programmer onboard and do more with the gameplay concept.

How well it does here will tip the balance on that, but it's edging towards the front page of 'most viewed this week' after just 8 hours, so things are looking positive :-)

@Ardwolf: the guy who made the comment is a liar, thinking he did the game, the only ones there ARE the only ones there just think about it. and just click the arrows and click the selection and the guy who posted this then screw you!

I don't think I've ever had to think this hard when playing a game before. I love it :D I got them all on my own eventually. Great game.

finished it right now, with no actual problems with every level but the 9/10 one. English not being my native language, i didn't understand at first what red herring and smugness stood for. Furthermore, i had missed a little point in my logic and it took me a while to finally notice it.
The 10/10 one made me collapse at the very start, but it was ridiculousy easy as soon i had it written down in the same manner as the other levels.
The ending, well, it left me really disappointed and dropped a bit of the admiration i had gained for this flash. I won't spoiler anything, but what i mean is that it's not the ending itself to be disappointing, but the explanation for it. I have read the final dialogue thoroughly a couple of times now, but that "rational potential realisation rate" is still bugging me. All the theories were proven, and the demonstration of an average logical intelligence in the subject was seemingly the aim of the tests. Then, why that counterpoint at the end? You aren't really never given the opportunity to raise that score, so what was the point of all the test?
I really hope you'll answer this, or point out to some kind of an answer to all players in general, because i feel like either i'm missing some important points, or this game is rushed towards the end.
Anyway, you deserved a 5 by sure.

This is, undoubtedly, a god tier game. Because of this game I will begin using logic more throughout my days. I am doing it right now, by stating facts in short sentences. You have done well in the construction of this game. A sequel would be appreciated.