Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"

This was really fun! I took a symbolic logic course last semester (spring 2012) and I enjoyed it. I never thought I'd use it again, even for a game, but I had a lot of fun playing it and didnt have to use any hints! Yay for a decent memory!

Don't usually review, but I just had to add my 5 stars here. Awesome game, hoping for a more challenging sequel.

Logic and it's application is something I've always loved to and apparently been rather good at. So this game was incredibly entertaining for me. Made me laugh a couple of times as well. The only argument I had trouble with was the one where I had to prove I was breathing oxygen. It took me several tries to figure out where my reasoning was invalid. But the rest I didn't have any trouble with though they still made stop and think about my reasoning process.. It was fun and a good exercise to help sharpen my mental faculties and I enjoyed it. Good work!

wow, i feel so smart, yet, that was a suckish ending

This game is awesome! It uses propositional calculus but makes it entertaining! Bravo!