Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"

Interesting? Yeah.
Fun? Yeah!
Challenging? YEAH!
Frustrating? HELL YEAH!
1-5 Interesting, gets gradually better and better. Makes you think a while.
6 I guess you had something preventing you from making better menus, which made me ALMOST rage-quit, 'till i checked the comments. Fine. BUT, couldn't you make some reminder IN-GAME? Wasted a good 20 minutes there.
7-9 Still great! 8 and 9 made me REALLY glad I checked Newgrounds today.They were definitely the best levels so far. First time I used help.
10 Now THIS is Madness! Just what the hell AM I supposed to do here!? I kinda understood what it's about, but then? I mean:
Forget solving it. I dont' get it! (And I couldn't even think of anything with the other 2) I was wrecking my brain on the middle one because one letter by itself means nothing. Even if it has some connection with the others, what kind? I was on this one for a good hour and a half. Still can't think of ANYTHING!

So, long story short:
1 Tell us about those menus in-game.
2 Give some link to a walkthrough. Video, written guide, anything. ("Brain" was handy, though not enough).
With codes like the level 10, some more help from "Brain" would really mean a lot.
3 A bit longer? Could do that, though this was plenty to keep me entertained for the whole day. Dont' have to though.
4 Do something about those^ and you have an PERFECT GAME!
5 Take my 5/5!

tjubert responds:

Thanks mate, uploading a new build now with in-game warnings, and walkthrough is listed above!

5/5 accepted :-)

I wonder - if you had a problem with the dropdowns, are you able to reduce the text size in your browser settings and see if it helps?

Nice game, really original. I loved it that everything was logical. It would be nice if you would make a second part of this:)

I am amazed by the fact that proving im breathing oxigen was really hard for me to do. You did an exellent, interesting and challenging game. Really,really well done.


I really liked this one. Innovative theme, nice soundtrack, an interesting concept of difficulty... I'd really like to see more of these. Aside, this has reminded me how badly I need to study formal logic and how it can, at times, help us to plan, decide and apply our intelligence.


To get missing options, press the down key while menu is open