Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"

Very interesting game concept, I really enjoyed it. It was just a little too sarcastic for my tastes but overall still funny and enjoyable. The puzzles were easy for me until the last one with the arbitrary symbols.

tjubert responds:

Thanks. Yeah, I'd scale back a bit on the voice if I did it over, I think.

a great idea with a simple idea but very hard at some point
i love this kinds of brain/logic puzzles
would love to see more
however work on the ending its very dispointing
maybe that the character learned how to escape the ending and investegate the test what effect it had?
but hey it was a great game and for a short game the ending has not that much influence on the feeling of the game, it was great and it feels great solving the problem you feel that you got the logic
of the riddle/puzzlel
would love to see more of this

I haven't come across a game as original as this one in quite a while! It was perfect, except for the fact that the last puzzle (number 10) is crazily-hard. I was only able to solve it when I started messing around with the arrow-keys and I saw the right answer.

You should definitely make a sequel to Ir/rational Redux, but I'd strongly encourage you to use a different type of drop-down menu, if that's possible, one where answers aren't occasionally hidden.

tjubert responds:

I promise, I will never use drop downs again. Believe me.

Great game and great idea -gave it a feel like Portal and GlaDos... though i would LOVE to give a 5 out of 5 for the idea and good gameplay, there are some recommendations i would like to make:
1) Anyone who has taken the basic of the basics of Logic in math will be able to solve this (i know the last level was to up it a notch by adding the law of contrapositive but still easy) perhaps another version of this (i hope for a sequel with more story!) can have more challenging laws (without the little helping symbols, add random laws -modus tollens, double-negation, etc. every logic law is simple so it wont be hard for the players to figure out)
2)Contradicting the Machine did not really prove much difficulty logic-wise and in fact theoretically incorrect in contradicting the machine -there must be two completely opposite beliefs still made to be proved and believed by the machine -here is a good example: This is an apple. The statement is not true. (because the object is an apple but the statement right after is indicating that it is not an apple -but the term "statement" means a logically sound conclusion -THIS IS A REAL CONTRADICTION to the machine ever since it goes by the dictionary terms (like in the beginning where it says a dictionary definition) ATTENTION: because i believed this was the real contradiction form i spent loads of time until i accidentally stumbled on the answer and realized how simple and incorrect it was logically (though seemingly to many it sounds contradictory it is not if scrutinized).
3) I was hoping for some music :) or a better looking machine (also hoped that it was in Morse code so i can have some fun decoding it)
4) WATCH OUT for crazy religious zealots out there who will tear that proof about no perfect god.
5)The ending was okay but it could of have been a LOT better if we saw another man being put into this room by robots or humans or demons (whatsoever!) and fading out to darkness or perhaps even zooming out and showing multiple of these rooms and zoom further out to a screen watching this and boom -pitch black. Setting it up for a nice sequel Ohhhh Yeah
( âEU¢ _ âEU¢ )>âOEâ- -â-
(âOEâ- _â- )

tjubert responds:

The problem I'm going to have to overcome as I develop the ideafurther will be that usually the more challenging arguments are incredibly messy to print in their language form as opposed to symbol form. Double negaives etc are going to be essential, but it's going to read awfully badly.

Thanks for you feedback, anyway! I read all the commnts, and it's all going towards maing the next game loads better.

It was an interesting and innovative puzzle game, I think there is a lot of potential in the concept.

My suggestion would be to make it longer and vastly more difficult. Despite the claim of about half an hour of gameplay it took me only a few minutes most of which was spent reading the story bubbles. And the greatest letdown was the difficulty, it has not proved to be a challenge at all, I hoped the difficulty would ramp up in the last few puzzles but it didn't or at least not enough to be satisfactory.

tjubert responds:

Thanks! The difficulty is that half of everyone is finding it quite hard!

Can I ask - did you mean that you completed the game in 3 minutes?