Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"

My only problem with this is that you seem to try to prove the existence of god through circular reasoning, circular reasoning is a fallacy therefore you havent proved god exists in any way because it's just like saying if god exists then he exists which is dumb

tjubert responds:

Glad you enjoyed it.

If you read the level goal for that argument you'll see the goal isn't to prove anything - just to make the argument valid. An argument can be logically valid without being true or informative.

Very nice game. The ending was not completely satisfying, but adequate enough for a game of this proportion.

My playtime was somwhere in the range of 5-10 minutes, All puzzles were correct at the first attempt. Most time was spent reading the story (which was very nice). However, I teach Logic & Set Theory so I would advise you to not take my time into account.

Very well done! The screens, music, and the narrative set the dark mood. The puzzles (for once) made me think very hard. Also the Dark humor relieves just enough tension to let your guard down to what could happen.

Is it possible that you would make another of these? After completing that I reason that you wont, but it would be really cool if you followed it up with a totally different style of game, like a point and click in the same setting, assuming perhaps the gas didn't work or the machine knocked you out to remove organs and then eject you into the outside world; whether it be apocalyptic, in space or otherwise. Or maybe you don't provide a reason for the character's survival.

Very, very nice game. I wish it wasn't so short, however. Art and animation is nice and appropriate, although it's a little bit of a letdown that in the end they didn't "graphically match" into what was written in the wall. Soundtrack was nice, but I usually prefer these grooming, stimulating songs for this kind of game. The exercises themselves were nicely done, with a good learning curve, but, once again, too short. I was hoping for a real, real, real hard challenge in like test number 18 or so. Anyway, good game overall, hope to see more from you in the future.